taking care of the kids

The rationale behind the formation of this organization is a presence of a huge number of orphans and underprivileged children who belong to extremely poor families, hereinafter referred to as families with low levels of income hence this organization paves the way towards reducing this challenge.

In our community as most of the children undergo intensive care under the umbrella of this organization for the sake of restoring the lost smile, dreams, targets or hopes of children with no parents or guardians to look up to. 

It’s a CENTRE where children who are picked from the streets of Dodoma and Arusha are attended to with all basic needs, education inclusive.

VISION: To eradicate the rate of street kids and orphans by building a centre at which they can eat, sleep, play AND learn.

MISSION: To facilitate orphans and street kids and to reduce the massive number of children roaming & sleeping on the streets within our City.